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Media Coverage of Jerry Sandusky vs Larry Nassar

There was something off to me about the lukewarm media attention given to the most devastating #metoo revelation: the USA Gymnastics sex scandal in which Dr. Larry Nassar, over many years, molested the entire U.S. Gymnastics Women’s Olympic team and over 100 trainees under the age of 18. America’s beloved heroines were victims of abuse and a cover-up. It is a horrible story of historical proportions, yet the coverage has paled in comparison to the Penn State sex abuse scandal. Here are the Google trend lines for the major search terms comparing Penn State and the USA gymnastics scandals:


usa gymnastics sex


mckayla maroney


larry nassar


The stats speak for themselves and prove my point: the Penn State Scandal was bigger news. So let’s just get into the implications of this media coverage and other generalizations.

We live in a world were Jerry Sandusky’s peak got more coverage than a popular Olympic gold medalist and toast of the town…Mckayla Maroney’s interest over time was only as good as her gold medal…Larry Nassar and the US gymnastics scandal is a small blip compared to the Penn State Sandusky scandal. So let’s ask WHY?

Since the summer of 2015, the media have become Trump Watch 24/7. The June 16, 2015 Mexican speech was the pivotal point in coverage and there was no turning back. The media continued to promote Donald Trump through the 2016 GOP debates, with a misguided attempt that by exposing him would cause him to drop out or eventually lose to Hillary Clinton in the general election.  During the election he was the most covered personality in the history of humankind. He received free media coverage from the media who claimed they hate him. All they had to do was ignore him but they saw his popularity was increasing their audience, which leads to bigger sponsorship revenue. They failed in convincing Americans not to vote for Donald Trump- hard. Any publicity is good publicity.

If you read any newspaper’s website or watch cable news, Donald Trump is the lead story, almost every day. If it’s not reporters telling us what Donald Trump tweeted, it is talking about the Russian Conspiracy or family gossip. There’s no room for anything else, besides a one day blip when a mass shooting occurs, a #metoo revelation, or Congress voting on a major bill, but Trump somehow gets dragged into those stories too.

Here is the 2016 presidential campaign TV news coverage:


trump media


hillary media


These are cold, hard, facts. This is the new media paradigm and even the new internet discussion forums and website standard operating procedure. Write and talk about Trump- every day, and multiple times a day. Even Reddit and 4Chan got hijacked by this. A huge Olympic team molestation scandal pales in comparison to this. The media (old, new, and independent and amateur commentators) are causing society’s values to be skewed.

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