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It Used To Be Easy to Get Blog Traffic…

I realize I have eclectic and obscure interests, but doesn’t that count as “original content”, people?
Back in the early 2000s, I could slap together a blogspot or WordPress blog and get hundreds of article views in a week or so.
I owned and operated a dozen high traffic blogs.
In recent times, the traffic has been dead, especially with new blogs.
I guess new blogs can’t compete with content farms, build-in social media networked friends, group chats, anti-WWW smart phone apps, podcasters, and Youtube channels…or whatever.
Whatever = WordPress installation, Google SEO rules, server configurations, just being in a new culture.
I gotta tell you I have no motivation to continue writing here and to pay annual webhosting and domain name fees if I don’t get any attention.
So I guess this is goodbye unless I get some comments pretty soon.

no one reads my blog

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