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About is website maintained by one person. The purpose of this website is to put my opinions, ideas, research, and beliefs out for public consumption.

Topics of discussion will be varied and even obscure. I am tired of people being conditioned to have expectations for content creators to be an expert in one main topic area only. Conversely, I reject content farm websites full of mainstream Top 10 lists.

Thus, since I am paying for my own domain name and webhosting and own all the content on, I have a desire to blog about an array of topics regarding things that interest me, and shed some light on the nature of reality, mysteries, philosophy. and the human condition.

Such topics include:

World Religions via Karen Armstrong
Eastern religions a la Alan Watts
Ancient religions
Non-denominational Christianity from William Lane Craig and Damian Kyle
Importance of myths

Cultural and society musings

Psychology (Enneagram, Carl Jung, Eric Byrnes)

Paranormal (UFOs, reincarnation)

Consciousness weirdness (Julian Jaynes, Terence McKenna, Robert Lanza, memes)

Occult (Manly P. Hall, Mitch Horowitz)

Animal rights and veganism

Truth about society via the following pop culture phenomenons:
Professional Wrestling
Comic books
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Alan Moore’s views on movies

Maybe some personal stories and different perspectives on current events.