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1984 WWF (November): I Watched It For You, Part 6 Return of the Superfly

November 1984 WWF

November 1984 WWF was marked by the return of Jimmy Superfly Snuka. Snuka helped his cousin (and sometimes nephew) The Tonga Kid to wage his revenge war against Rowdy Roddy Piper. Piper also had hired Cowboy Bob Orton- nicknamed “Ace”- to be his personal bodyguard. This was a pivotal moment in WWF history. The fans popped for Jimmy Snuka as loud as you could imagine. This was a hot feud and Tonga Kid was getting the rub from everyone.

snuka piper 1984

Billy Jack had the first WWF vignette used to promote a wrestler who had not yet arrived on TV (he did have a house show appearance). Ironically, Billy Jack said he was drug and alcohol free in two videos of him riding a horse. Yes, WWF had big plans for him.

Barry Windham and Blackjack Mulligan were getting pushed. Mulligan pitched a talk show called Blackjack’s BBQ to combat Piper’s Pit.  Mulligan and John Studd were hurling insults at each other to hype a house show battle royal, and Mulligan called out Studd on TNT.  Mulligan is a big talker. Barry was the young up-and-coming babyface and seemed flawless in the the ring against the jobbers. His match against Moondog Rex for his MSG debut could have been a little tighter, though. Barry also was a little shy on the mic at this time, while his veteran father was a complete natural. Mike Rotundo also debuted, teamed with Barry, and was on TNT with him.

Bruno Sammartino finally helped his son, young David Sammartino in a MSG match against Ken Patera, with his manager Lou Albano. Gorilla Monsoon seemed genuinely concerned that David should be his own man, and he was right. But the MSG fans gave him a great ovation and were into the match. It’s just that David’s potential was already capped with Hulk Hogan and a hot I-C scene and a tag team would have been seen as a step down. David’s TNT interview was telling- he said he never really knew his dad until he was 10 years old, but idolized him. He came off like modern day Charlotte Flair. Lou Albano offered him advice: change your last name. If he debuted in the 1990s and Bruno was still in the WWF, he could have turned on him a la Owen being jealous of Bret Hart- maybe!

I was happy to see both S.D. Jones and Moondog Spot win their matches at MSG for once. Very weird undercard- both Bobby Heenan and Mr. Fuji wrestled as well.

Tito Santana chasing Greg Valentine for the Intercontinental Title? OH MY GAWD! Perfect wrestling matches and feud! These two had the best matches together and have been at the top of the cards.

Tony Atlas returned had won quick squashes. He also showcases his excellent artwork on TNT and started a feud with Mr. Wonderful. Orndorff cut a racist promo against Atlas, comparing him to Willie B, the famous gorilla.

Meanwhile Rocky Johnson kept losing, including a horrible match that seemed like a swerve with a referee against Dr. D. David Schultz at MSG.

Angelo Mosca, who was announcing on the Canadian TV show, wrestled on other shows. He was tough and a good brawler.

Something I wanted to mention last month about Johnny Valiant managing: Gentlemen Jerry Valiant has been jobbing all year (he even jobbed to Hulk Hogan on TV). However, WWF did not make the connection between the brothers yet. Anyway, considering Johnny was getting the push with Brutus Beefcake, it is another sign as of how WWF did not pay attention to details like that. Considering the travelling schedule was also horrible and full of zig-zags, WWF needed a group of managers to tighten their league.

Mil Mascaras botched his rare TV appearance. He botched the finish so basically repeated it- twice.

Bobby Heenan accompanied Paul Orndorff to the ring on TV, but Paul on TNT said he is alone.

That darn hillbilly fan was in the front row again and even got into a shouting match with Ken Patera on TV.

WWF had a house show battle royal tour and had different winners. They actually had two steel cage battle royals, a steel cage turmoil (where pins counted) and other time it ended in a draw. Winners included Junkyard Dog, Paul Orndorff, Rocky Johnson, Big John Studd, Jimmy Snuka, and Blackjack Mulligan. Again- a shame TV viewers had no idea about these shows unless you saw the local promos.

Jack and Jerry Brisco had a fantastic non-title win over the North-South Connection on TV. They really seemed poised to win the tag team title, especially since The Samoans were unable to win the belts back.

Mad Dog Vachon had some house show action. Bret Hart, The Spoiler, Mr. Wrestling II, Alexis Smirnoff, Buddy Rose, Dynamite Kid, and B. Brian Blair were on house shows. The Spoiler actually had a match on TNT, but is was to put over Albano and Valentine. He was finally interviewed on the next TNT show.

Magnificent Muraco and Mr. Fuji had a vignette from Hawaii.

By the way: where was Hulk Hogan? I believe he only had a couple of matches in mid-November, while everyone else on the roster is working or traveling every day….

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